Argentina 2015: Second Biennial of Art in Miramar

Wood and mosaic sculpture high 4.50 m, entitled THE TREE OF LIFE
We used a large tree trunk that a storm had dropped about two years ago, that was covered with a polychrome mosaic of glass ceramic. The trunk that nature has given to the earth has taken a new life through art. This is for me the profound meaning of man’s encounter with nature.
The sculpture was created by a group of local partners. It was a good experience because it has seen the voluntary participation of people who wanted to learn this technique
Interventions are placed in a public park near the sea.
Collaborators: Edgardo Russo, Marcela Inés Fernández, Gabi Cufré, José Maria Christensen, Ivan Teryda, Horacio Spinetto e Marina Malnero who donated her glass and ceramic tiles.

Maurizio Governatori

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