“Installazione Innaturale” (Unnatural Installation)

The evolution of arts through the centuries and milleniums had with work the maximum expression.
Work understood as relations between skills material and intellectual, critical and conceptual mastery are inseparable and essential in the making of artifacts and works of art. “It is the hand that made ​​man” the hand that did the art.


Maurizio Governatori

Visit to Master Trovarelli

The master who opened me to the pleasures of painting.
Maurizio Governatori

Sculpture “The Wolf’s Reasons” taken from the poetry of Rubén Darío

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

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Maurizio Governatori and “The Wolf’s Reasons”

The Italian muralist Maurizio Governatori is located in Nicaragua concluding sculpture named “Los motivos del lobo” (The Wolf’s Reasons).

Letzira Sevilla Bolaños | Variedades

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Maurizio Governatori

Article published in the New Journal of Managua

Maurizio Governatori